The ratio of the width to the length of a rectangle is 2:3, respectively. Answer each of the following. By what percent would the area of the rectangle change if the width of the rectangle is increased by 50% and the length is increased by the same number of units?

Accepted Solution

Answer: = 200%Step-by-step explanation:Answer:200%Step-by-step explanation:Length and breadth is in the ratio 2:3Then, let length = 2x and breadth = 3xArea of rectangle = l×b = 2x×3x = 6Now if breadth is increased by 50% ,our new breadth will be = 3x + 50%(3x)                                        = 4.5xAnd length is increased by same number of units, length = 2x+ 2x = 4xNew area = l×b = 4.5x × 4x                         = 18Percentage change in area = ×1000                                            = ×100                                            = 200%