Two families go skiing on a Saturday. One family purchases three adult lift tickets and four lift tickets for $188. Another family purchases four adult lift tickets and five youth lift tickets for $244. Let x represent the cost in dollars of one adult lift ticket and let y represent the cost in dollars of one youth lift ticket. Solve the linear system to find the cost of one adult and one youth lift ticket.

Accepted Solution

Answer:using elimination to solve for x 9x +6y = 3*134    | Multiplying 1st equation by 3 -4x -6y = -2*146   | Multiplying 2nd equation by -2    5x = 3*134 - 2*146    5x = $110     x = $22,  the cost of the youth ticket Step-by-step explanation:This question Sets Up two equations with 2 unknowns         Let x and y represent the cost of the youth and adult ticket respectively Question states*** 3x + 2y = $134     2x + 3y = $146