Which equation has the same solutions as x² + 6x - 7 = 0?

Accepted Solution

Answer:(x+3)²=16Step-by-step explanation:I'm gonna solve this equation by completing the square  x²+6x-7 = 0 by Completing The Square  Add  7  to both side of the equation :     x²+6x = 7 Now you take the coefficient of  x , which is  6 , divide it by two = 3 , and finally square it giving 9   Add 9 to both sides of the equation : x²+6x+9=7+9(x+3)x(x+3)=(x+3)²7+9=16---------------| (x+3)²=16 |---------------Now you square root both sides to get x+3=±4x+3=+4 or x+3=-4-------------------------------x+3=+4= -7x+3=-4= 1-------------------------------x= -7x= 1Hope this helps! Have an amazing day :)