SRI London offers luxury, niche fragrances, specially created to be the ultimate form of self-expression and empowerment.

Scents that perfectly harmonise the delicate balance inspired by the sensual, exotic Orient and the strong, formidable qualities of Middle Eastern Perfumery.

Made in England.


The name ‘SRI’ encapsulates the brand’s heritage as being one that originates from and is influenced by the Orient.

Of Sanskrit origin, SRI has a core meaning of "diffusing light or radiance". The name is also synonymous to grace, splendour, lustre; wealth, affluence and prosperity - attributes to define any wearer of SRI.

It encompasses every ray of light that reveals a symphony of unspeakable splendours, empowering you to a whole new level towards who you can be.


SRI London was created by Kristiana Sripetchvandee, founder of Gold Bar.

Kristiana graduated in the UK from The University of Warwick and has always been fascinated by different cultures and how they overlap in an increasingly globalised world.

Through her work with Gold Bar in Dubai, Kristiana developed a profound love for fragrance from her discovery of the way perfumes are viewed in the Middle East. Its embeddedness in the Arabic culture and its significance in the Arabic household is a beauty Kristiana believes deserves to be shared across other areas of the world.

In her journey to explore the world of perfume, Kristiana came to realise that it was one of extremes. There was an abundance of fragrances that boasted the strong scents that are categorised in Middle Eastern perfumery, and a multitude of softer scents accustomed to the Orient. Yet to her disappointment, none which elegantly embodies both.

Oud is a key characteristic of both Middle Eastern perfumery and culture. It is said that the best Oud comes from the South East Asian region, particularly in Kristiana’s home country, Thailand, along its borders with Cambodia.

Through SRI London, Kristiana combines her heritage, influences of the Orient and elements of Middle Eastern perfumery, to provide an offering that seamlessly fills the gap in the world of perfume.